Kristina Kindblom

To make people aware of there bodily knowledge has guided my work as a physiotherapist. I educated in Germany in the 70-th and it was the work at a special clinic for spinal cord injuries that supported my interest.

The main treatment of these patients was transfers, sports and social training, to be as independent as possible and able to use the facilities of society despite severe disability. Patient transfer came to be something concrete that could develop. My therapeutic competence in Basic Body Awareness has been helpful on the way. I am part of a National network for therapeutic competence in Basic Body Awareness in Sweden.

I have worked in somatic and psychiatric hospital care but my major experiences I have as a district physiotherapist in a Primary Health Care Centre with connection to a Nursing home.

As responsible physiotherapist of the Nursing home the teaching of health care providers developed and Natural Mobility was formed.Year 1997 I received an Idea grant from the county council of Sörmland. The work was leading to my PhD thesis 2009, as a try to explore the education and evaluate changes in a scientific way.

Titel: Movement awareness and communication in patient transfer – Evaluation of an educational intervention.

At the time I am working as a senior lecturer at Department of NVS, Division of Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet and a Visiting professor at College of Physiotherapy, India.