A warm welcome and be invited to try the Natural Mobility© pedagogy to increase understanding how spontaneous movements, fear and communication affect care. It is about making tacit knowledge visible in order to guide people to move more independently. Humans have a lot of knowledge in the body, it is silent, gets rarly atetion and is often taken for granted. By making correct and incorrect movements with the body tacit knowledge can be attracted, made visible and verbalised and thus become a resource in health care.Tacit knowledge can be used by health care providers and personsn with diability . The method is called Friskförflyttning, in English Natural Mobility. Precisely because it is based on how we Spontaneously move as healthy idividuals.It is a basis for how we can help those wo have been injured or have a disability.

If health care providers increase awareness how they think about the persons ability, how they move spontaneously, how a movement can be divided, which words they use and what they communicate with their hands and heir body language, With these aspects they are prepared to guide a person to move more independently. It is to focus ability and healthpromoting..

The goal with courses and seminars in Natural Mobility is to make people aware of their tacit/bodily knowledge It can be used to increase a persons confidence in their own mobility and share responsibility. To share knowledge and observe progree often gives joy in work. It is competence.